Blazing New Trails for LGBTQ Youth in Maine

It was amazing and an honor to see an article written about me regarding the election of my fraternity. It has been an amazing to be a part of the Phi Mu Delta Nu Xi Chapter at the University of Southern Maine. This group of men have shown me acceptance and the brotherhood is stronger than I ever could have imagined. I am proud to be the new elected President of the Nu Xi Chapter for the year of 2017. The world has come along way and I hope to see the acceptance of transgender people in fraternities and sororities grow.

The article posted by OUT Maine is below:



“Blazing New Trails for LGBTQ Youth in Maine

OUT Maine is thrilled to celebrate Aiden Michael Campbell, a trans man and LGBTQ youth leader in the midcoast and Portland, who has just been named to the Executive Board of Phi Mu Delta Nu Xi Chapter at USM for 2017. Aiden, son of OUT Maine’s program director, is the first transgender President of a fraternity in Maine and second in the nation. Aiden is a trailblazer in so many ways and we are so happy and excited for him as he continues to help LGBTQ youth step fully into who they are!

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth like Aiden have so much to give our state. OUT Maine supports, educates and empowers rural LGBTQ youth by providing community safe spaces, changing school climate through education and the building of Gay/Straight/Trans Alliances (school clubs), building a strong provider safety net by training health and mental health providers, school staff, clergy and other youth service organizations, and supporting parents and families of these at-risk youth to reduce homelessness. You can help youth like Aiden change their lives and improve the lives of others. For more information or to support LGBTQ youth, go to

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