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Is there a difference between Gender and Sex?

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Yes, sex and gender are two completely different things. Sex is biological, it is how you are born. If you are born with a vagina then you would be considered female and if you are born with a penis you would be considered male. If you are born with a combination of the two then you would be considered intersex. Gender is how you identify yourself. You are the only person who knows what your true gender is; nobody can tell you how to identify. An important thing to remember is that gender is a spectrum! Some people may identify as male or female, but people may also identify somewhere else on the spectrum.

For more information check out the Genderbread Person.


Is sexual orientation and gender identity the same thing?collegian_genderexpression

No, sexual orientation and gender identity are NOT the same thing. Sexual orientation is who you are sexually attracted to. Men who like men would be considered gay, women who like women would be considered lesbian, men or women who like both men and women would be considered bisexual, and men who like women and women who like men would be considered straight. Gender identity is how you identify yourself. The two most common gender identities are male and female. Some people who are born as one sex may identify as the opposite sex, this is called transgender. Transgender is an umbrella term and there is an entire spectrum some other types of gender identities are gender nonconforming,  which is someone who does not identify as either gender. Some other terms for gender nonconforming are  gender fluid, gender queer or bigender. Another gender identity is cisgender, people who are cisgender are people who were born as the same sex as they identify.


What is gender expression?

Gender Expression is how someone expresses themselves. This could be wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in. Not all people necessarily wear male or female clothes all of the time. Often, people will wear a variety of clothes. Some days people may feel more masculine and wear male clothes while other days people may feel more feminine and wear female clothes.shutterstock_175223444_crop

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