Prevention Hotlines

If you ever need help don’t be afraid to ask! Feel free to call any of these hotlines when you need help or someone to talk to:

National AIDS hotline- 800-232-4636

Alcohol and Drugs Hotline- 800-662-4357

Bullying and Cyber Bullying Crisis Call Center- 800-273-8255

National Suicide Hotline- 800-784-2433 or 800-442-4673

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline- 800-273-8255

The Trevor Lifeline- 866-488-7386

Depression and Bipolar Support- 800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Services Depression Hotline- 630-482-9696

Eating Disorder Hotline- 800-872-5437

Grief and Loss Hotline- 800-959-8277

Homeless and Runaways 800-448-3000

Rape and Sexual Violence, and Domestic Violence Hotline- 800-422-4453

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network- 800-656-4673

School Violence Hotline- 866-773-2587

Sexuality and Sexual Health- 800-273-8255

Stress and Anxiety Hotline- 800-273-8255

Teen Parenting hotline 800-448-3000

Teen Pregnancy Helpline- 866-942-6466

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