Video Resources

These are some Youtube Videos that will hopefully provide information that can be helpful to you!

Why We Need Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Why gender neutral bathrooms are important for trans people; a Ted Talk discussing the need for these bathrooms.

Prince Henry – Pop and Olly

This is a great little film, also a children’s book, that reaches to teach diversity in simple ways for your children to understand as well.

FTM Timeline

This video shows images of Aiden’s Transition from Female to Male and the changes he went through.

How I Help Transgender Teens Become Who They Want To Be – Norman Spack

Discussion about how to help children/teens who are transgender become who they are and who they truly want to be.

Is being transgender a phase?

This video talks about the issues people may face trying to figure out who they are and provide some insight regarding transgender identity.

Transgender Disowning 

This discusses transgender disowning and suggestions on how to help.

How to Start Testosterone

This video discusses the steps you have to take to start testosterone. The person Aiden went through was Dr. Michelle Forcier who works at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Rhode Island.

People who aren’t transgender friendly

This video discusses how to approach and handle situation that have occurred or are occurring regarding gender identity. This also goes for sexual orientation.

How to improve your school?

This video talks about what Aiden went through in high school and how schools can help to improve and provide resources to their transgender students.

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