Our Story

We wanted to share our stories with you in hopes that they can provide valuable in site. The first is by Aiden, he talks about his journey through his transition from female to male and the obstacles he faced along the way. Aiden is a brave young man who hopes that his story will inspire people to be their true selves.

The second story is Sue’s Story. Sue shared about the journey she had through her life and what it has been like to raise a child who identifies as transgender. Sue hopes that by sharing her story she can help parents of transgender children who may not know where to turn when faced with the same struggles.

You can find Aiden’s Story Here and Sue’s Story Here


Share Your Stories With Us!

We would love for you to share your stories too. Feel free to submit your stories to us on the contact page or via email. We will review the stories and share them for others to see.

Feel free to read stories that have been submitted to us here.



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